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solvtec ® IT PPO (Test Site Offline)

Get the data where it originates – Directly in the process

solvtec ® IT PPO provides software for data acquisition in its simplest form. During development, simple handling had the highest priority. Problems with acceptance by staff are a thing of the past with PPO. Training is accomplished within a few hours and that speaks for itself.

Simply login …
… and start working. The inspector receives exactly the information which he needs to work effectively.

Functionally perfect – Integrated traceability
Obviously, functionality is also important. PPO offers suitable functions for collecting measured values, for carrying out visual and functional tests and to register product traceability information. E.g. Serial numbers or batch number can be directly checked and logged.

Performance counts
PPO has the necessary performance where it counts (at operational level). Long delays while waiting for data as a result of network or server load are completely eliminated by PPO.

Online mode – SPC reports and control cards
All further functions of the QM Control Center (QML) are available at the touch of a button in online mode. This allows for example process capability (cp, cpk, etc.) or limit values (UCL, LCL, etc.) to be automatically controlled.

Secure connections – Incorporating measuring equipment and 3D measuring machines – Use of standards
PPO offers suitable interfaces to connect measuring equipment securely and simply. PPO incorporates standard interfaces for measuring instruments. Thus, not only the results from measuring equipment with interfaces (e.g. Steinwald box) but also those from complex units can be transferred at the touch of a button. Standards such as import via Q-DAS format are supported as well as individual interfaces.

PPO as IPC – Simple and robust – Test site with touch screen
PPO can be used with Industrial PCs (IPCs) also with touch screens. This makes it possible to do without a keyboard or mouse if necessary. Depending on the hardware used, PPO is also available in IP65 (Ingress protection rating: water jet proof) design.

Process flexibility
solvtec ® IT PPO includes the possibility to configure the test process. The type of display and the reaction of the test system can be influenced by settings. Here too, the golden rule is “Keep it simple”.

Absolute security in operation – 7/24
You are always on the safe side with PPO. Even in emergency mode, PPO is still capable of securing important Quality data. This enables you to take on 7/24 requirements without fear. solvtec ® IT PPO can operate locally and independent of the condition of network connections or database servers.

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